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Shiras Planetarium “Nine (?) Planets and Counting”


MARQUETTE, MI07/19/2011– Shiras Planetarium in Marquette presented a new summer show, Nine (?) Planets and Counting, Monday evening.  This feature presentation gave a complete tour of the solar system and included information regarding the classification of planets.  Most importantly, the infamous Pluto debate was discussed.

Shiras Planetarium Sign
Shiras Planetarium - Mondays 7:30p

The show follows NASA’s Year of the Solar System theme.  It takes a special look at Pluto and why it was demoted to just a dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Unit in 2006.

Planetarium Director Chris Standerford said, “Pluto was demoted to just a dwarf planet because the classifications of what makes up a planet has been redefined by the International Astronomical Unit.”

The show started with a presentation of the summer colors.  Then objects of the solar system, like planets, asteroids, moons, and the sun, were displayed, showing why the solar system keeps changing.

Our Solar System
Our Solar System


Standerford said, “This show says historically we’ve had more or less than ten planets, but as we learn more we have to re-define things.”

The Planetarium was built in 1965 and is supported by many community foundations.  It is the only fully operational digital theatre within 200 miles of Marquette County. Essentially it is a time machine capable of showing how the world looks at many different times and places.

Standerford said, “The planetarium is basically a sky wanderer.”

This show will be presented every Monday in August at 7:30 p.m,  at Marquette Senior High School on W. Fair Ave. in Marquette, MI.

For more information on events happening at the Shiras Planetarium you can call 906-225-4204, or visit their website.



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