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The Gift of Gab

Giving The Keys Over
Winner Jenny (Left) Lizzy Ann WFXD (Right)

My whole life my family and friends have told me to zip my lip! As a matter of fact my Grandfather nicknamed me “Windy.” Last Wednesday, however, I had the opportunity to show off my gift of gab at the Keys To A Great Summer event. It was one  of the most nerve racking experiences of my life! Standing in front of God knows how many Uppers not really knowing just what to do makes for a troubling irregular heartbeat.   But apparently my mess ups, mispronunciation, crazy bushy hair and even my troll accent from under the bridge worked in my favor! People were laughing hysterically watching me attempt to say cuzie and cutagi ( I still cant spell them); but no one laughed harder than the girl in the middle of the room  who laughed so hard she snorted!!! Now that was funny! Oh don’t be upset, Fox Negaunee gave her a free oil change for all her entertainment trouble. It was great! They even let me give the keys to the winner, Jenny. After a life time of people telling me to be quiet it sure is nice to hear all of you telling me to open up and let out the crazy funny things I’m thinking!

Thanks for letting me talk! ha ha

Lizzy Ann


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