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Learn New Guitar Techniques


Hello Again Friends,

Maybe I should stop saying that, I’m starting to feel like Mr. Rogers. If you don’t know who that is take a tip from Ashton Shepard and “Look It Up”  HA I’m a genius!!!! hahhhh I feel better. ANNNYWAAYYY…….

Ken Bonfield, a master guitarist is holding classes this week as well as a concert! If you are interested in guitar and do not know about this man than SHAME ON YOU! Just kidding. He is a very unique and varied artist using any genre of music to fit is communication needs. He goes on tours and has played all over the nation. If you would like more information on this man and what he is about, you can visit his website and read his Bio at www.kenbonfield.com/Bio/



“One of my favorite things to do is teach guitar. Whether it’s one-on-one or in a clinic with 30-40 people, I just love passing it on.”

( Bonfield, Ken : http://www.kenbonfield.com/conversation/)


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