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Doc’s Soapbox & Question Of The Day


Michigan is one of 20 states in the U.S. that require motorcyclists to wear an approved safety helmet.

In June, the Michigan State Senate passed a bill to repeal that law. It must pass the house and Governor Snyder before becoming law.

I’ve ridden with and without a helmet over the years, depending upon many things.

But basically, whether I was right or wrong, it’s still a matter of individual choice by a knowledgeable and consenting adult motorcyclist.

Everyone believes they always have the utmost control of their ride, but “things” happen. We’ve heard of numerous motorcycle accidents over the summer so far. Some with, some without helmets.

Arguments, pro vs con, range from increased tourism to the U.P. , to a rise in motorcycle insurance rates, to long running personal freedom issues.

Should it Still be Personal Choice?

Would a repeal of the Helmet Law impact Tourism?

SHOULD it influence Insurance Rates?

Would Love to hear your feedback on this Or any other Soapbox Q.O.T.D.

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