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Doc’s Soapbox & Question Of The Day


Social Networking: Are We Placing More importance to online relations than Real Relations?

Everyday, you spend an hour or more online, Checking on peoples lives on Facebook or Twitter or some other Social Networking Site.

People blog, “Like” or “Comment” about someone or something, Or tend to their online “crops” , “cafes” or “Second Lives”.

Granted, some Games Are enjoyable, and networking opportunities Do exist. And many of us have used Instant Messages, Texting, and Posting to make announcements or to connect with someone.

  • What Value Do You place on Your Online Presence and Why?
  • Do You spend More Time Talking to Friends or Business Network Partners online than by phone or in person?
  • Do you have more Friends or Better Relationships Online than in your Real Life?




Talk To Me. Be Honest when you think about it. Love to hear from you.

Till Next Time….



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