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Learning To Live With Lizzy Ann



If you don't know who this is....Shame on you!

OK I’m not saying I’m a celebrity or anything like that; but I was recognized by my voice at the Art On The Rocks. How cool is that?! I must say I was really startled when it happened and kinda embarrassed.  I was startled because it was kinda like how do you know me, you can’t see me through the radio!!!!! stalker!!! ahhhh! And then I realized, oh yeah, I talk for a living. People are bound to recognize my voice. IDIOT!  *smacks forehead* After my heart stopped pounding and I changed my pants I felt much better and more stupid.  I wont mention names but thanks for the advice! You know who you are, and I appreciate everything you have said!

My friends still wont let me live it down though…. hence the embarrassment. Meannie Heads…

But hey at least I still have you!

By the way, I will be posting the pictures and information of the artists that really caught my eye very soon, so keep and eye out!

Lizzy Ann (aka: Supper Star!) just kidding…..


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