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Frankie Ballard: A Success Story from My High School


08-03-2011– Frankie Ballard played the national anthem on his guitar at our high school in Battle Creek, MI during my senior year. He had just graduated not too long before me and I could tell that he was going somewhere in the music industry.

Frankie Ballard and Eddie Robinson, both from my high school.

He picked up a classmate of mine, Eddie Robinson, as his lead guitarist and now they’re receiving constant playtime across the nation, even right here on 103.3. I remember when Eddie posted their move to Nashville on Facebook. It’s a feel good story to have people you know from your high school pursue and reach their dreams. Both Frankie and Eddie certainly put in the time and effort, even before they met up, to be placed on the country music radar.
If you have any success stories of anyone you know from your hometown or high school, feel free to comment below about them!


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