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Percussive Attack Camp


Marquette, MI- The Percussive Attack Camp in Marquette, MI was created in 2010 to encourage the study of sound and rhythm. This camp encourages the use of auditory percussive attacks on music.  Participants are also instructed with intensive, performance based guidance.

Percussive Attack Camp
Percussive Attack Camp Participants practicing for their concerts this week

This event took place in a very professional yet engaging and comfortable environment.  There are about 20 participants in this years camp, ages ranging from teenagers all the way to adults.

The non-profit camp was made possible by generous donors, foundations, and members of the community.

Carrie Biolo and Eric Roth, a guest instructor from Chicago, Illinois are teaching this years camp participants to appreciate the rhythm of music through using everyday housing materials.  Campers made music with drumsticks, metal frying pans, metal mixing bowls, and wood blocks.  Eric Roth told the campers, “You have to remember to support the soloist while they are performing their solo parts.”

Percussive Attack Camp
One of the instruments used by the PAC campers

There will be three free concerts presented by the Percussive Attack Camp.  Concerts are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, August 3- Pre-concert discussion at 7:00 p.m. in the Reynolds Recital Hall at Northern Michigan University.  A faculty recital will follow at 7:30 p.m.  Performances will be done during this concert by Eric Roth, Carrie Bioilo, and James A. Strain.

Thursday, August 5- PAC students will perform Roth’s Clark St. Bridge composition at noon.  The concert will be held in the court yard at Graveraet School.

Friday, August 6- This concert will feature the premier of Roth’s composition Lyceum, at noon in the Kaufman Auditorium.

Fridays concert will also be streaming here.

Check out more pictures from this event below.


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