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Selective Discrimination For Safety?


Hey Friends,

I would like your opinion on something….

Are there fans that as a radio personality I just shouldn’t respond to? One could arguably say, “No! You should treat all listeners with equal respect and courtesy.” I feel that way. Or well, actually I thought that I felt that way. Alright before you come down on me for unequal attention to listeners’ feelings, I received my first piece of fan mail the other day. At first I was really excited! I mean who wouldn’t be right?! When I read the posting address however, a slight zing of anxiety ripped through my chest. You may wonder from whom could this letter be that it would cause me worry; and I will let you know. But first I would like to make a statement. My whole life I have prided myself on being completely impartial to personal preference. What I mean by that is I feel as though I am the least judgmental person I know. I have an incredibly varied friend base. I know this sounds like trivial and unnecessary information but bare with me. I did not expect to receive mail from this place in general although my boss had warned me that there was a possibility that something like this could happen. I would also like to say that this individual was male and did not say anything to me that I could really deem inappropriate.

Do You Discriminate

The letter came from a man spending a sentence at the prison. Now I know some of you will find this humorous. Some of my coworkers did not. They were highly concerned because we have all heard of a couple of radio personalities who have had to leave radio and have been attacked and even killed by individuals who became obsessed with them. Now I am not implying that this individual is obsessed or could become an obsessed individual. My point is actually the fact that I, a person of openness and understanding, for the first time, found myself discriminating against a population because of implied community and longstanding prejudice against individuals of his situation. Is this right of me? Should we as individuals be selectively discriminant for the sake of safety? Safety that we cannot be sure has been compromised? I want your opinion.Send me an email at lizzyann@wfxd.com.

Oh and Unexpected Fan, I passed on your request to Elmer since I do not cover country from those eras. However, I must compliment your taste. I’ve always been partial to Patsy Cline.

Lizzy Ann


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