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UP in 3D on the Campus of Northern Michigan University


08/08/2011-Marquette, MI- The newest exhibition at the Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center on the campus of Norther Michigan University, UP in 3D, showcases the upper peninsula in 3D during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  There are photographs of mining operations, Mackinac Island, towns throughout the area, and Ojibwe settlements.

UP in 3D Exhibit
Safe Practices at Work Was not Practiced Then

All 40 of the images were created using a process called anaglyn by printing two two copies of the original image and combining them to make the final image look 3D. Large format black and white prints are on display at the exhibit.  Visitors are provided with 3D glasses to view the images.

The majority of the photographs at this exhibit came from the collection of stereo-photographs from Jack Deo, owner of Superior View in Marquette.  There are also photographs on display from the Marquette Regional History Center.   But, Dan Truckey, a professor at NMU, was the one with the idea for the exhibit.  This is the first time these timeless images have been printed for exhibition making the selection of which images to full under strict criteria.  The images had to be from different regions of the Upper Peninsula, show various types of scenes, and have great depth so the greatest three-dimensional effect would be possible.

This exhibit will be on display until October 13th.  The Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center is open 10am-4pm Monday through Saturday.

Below is a group of photos from the exhibit.


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