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Self-Help Books Don’t Work


Self-help Books May Be Your Reason For Failure

There are so many things that I have learned about myself in the last four years. For instance, I like coffee and it likes me. I’m impatient to a fault, I sometimes procrastinate to the point of personal destruction. These are all things that I have had to learn by myself without the help of others. My parents of course told me these things a long time ago; but really do we ever listen to our parents at that age? No. I think its an inherent law or something you know growing up and learn to break mid-twenties when you realize they were right all along. However, I digress.

We never listen to our parents some how hoping that they are wrong; and instead cling to ideas and beliefs spoon fed to us by media that says we should be thin, happy,young, rich, and cool. We are told that if we follow the simple rules to success we will find all the things that we desire and more. However, it is my experience that all the self-help gurus in the world can’t make you get off your behind if your lazy.

How do we self- motivate?! That is MY question. We start out with the best intentions but sooner or later we get lazy, we get tired, we just want the day off.

I’m an individual that just doesn’t know how to say NO to myself. Mostly because my life has been a lot of NOs and at about 17 I decided I was tired of being told No. Now I find that I never really developed an inner no. I was always told no by other people and never really had the opportunity to develop my hand on the hip, finger in your face,”No.” I have to tell you, I’ve been in some messed up situations and had to learn quickly to say, “NO” to other people. But I still cant say NO to myself. If I want something seemingly unequivocally than I will find a way to have it. This has led to more than one poor,spontaneous decision; and if your like me than you know what I am talking about. If your not like me, hey no judging, this is a safe place.

I’ve read self-help books and there is a lot of talk about visualization, and positive thinking. I’m sure that for someone somewhere that worked. But I live a life in reality that tells me logically if I eat ice cream everyday all day I will get fat and develop diabetes no matter how skinny and healthy I tell myself I am during affirmations. So obviously self-discipline is important.

How do we develop SELF-MOTIVATION and SELF-DISCIPLINE?! That is the difference between being a successful individual and some one stuck in thier own life. How do we become decisive individuals making good decisions and plans that we actually follow through. THAT will make us successful.

Lizzy Ann


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