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Scotty McCreery, Life after American Idol


08/15/2011- The season 10 American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery, has not had much time off the last few months.  Adjusting to life on the road and becoming an instant celebrity has been challenging for this 17 year old.  Along with traveling with the American Idol Live! Tour, he is working on his debut album.

Scotty McCreery, courtesy of newsabc.us

His first big hit was electric country tune, I Love you This Big.  Not only has this song been rising in popularity and a top 40 hit, he has also produced a music video to go along with it.  While watching the video I found it hard to believe someone so young could sing music with such a mature tone.  The video is very romantic and is sure to make him the next country heart throb.

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