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WNMU Public TV 13 Fundraiser


Marquette, MI – August 11, 2011 – WNMU-TV Public TV-13 kicked off its annual fundraiser Thursday to raise donations to cover programming costs.  Station manager, producers, directors, engineers, staff, and volunteers have been working nights to reach the maximum number of viewers.  This station is mostly funded by its viewers, making their support essential to its success.

Public TV-13 Telephones for Phone Volunteers

Broadcasting live, WNMU-TV Public TV-13 interrupts regular programming to let their viewers understand the viewers of the benefits associated with partnering with public TV. TV-13 accepts manyforms of viewer pledges, one-time or regular installments.  Pledge gifts are given based on the amount of financial support offered by the pledging partner.

Station Manager Bruce Turner said, “Viewer support with any amount of pledge helps fund all of your favorite programs, such as Antiques Road Show, NewsHour, and BBC World News.”

Public TV-13 located on the campus of Northern Michigan University is funded through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, NMU, and programming partners.

The next R.S.V.P. Fundraiser for Tv-13 will broadcast live in December.  But,  donating is available online, or by calling 1-800-227-9668.



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