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Mud Drags UP Marquette County Fair – 08-13-11


Marquette County, MI08-13-11 – Roaring engines and flying mud kept eyes glued to the watered-down track at the UP Mud Drags that took place Saturday, August 13th in Sands Township at the Marquette County Fair. Racers pleased the crowd with a fantastic display of horsepower while keeping their trucks lined up on the mud track. Pictures and video of the event are available below.

Crowd favorites Wildfire II and Damage Plan repeatedly posted great times and drew praise from kids to adults alike. Damage Plan raced in a couple classes like the modified class which pitted the truck against a classic Hot Rod (“Deuces Wild”). This had to be the event everyone was anticipating. Before the green light even fired up, the engines roared out of both vehicles at a decibel level that would send the faint-of-heart to the ear doctor begging for help. Once the go was given, a blink of the eye meant you missed the thrilling action. Both Damage Plan and Deuces Wild tore down the track and crossed the finish line before the mud could settle back on Michigan soil. Canada may even have a few new samples of U.P. mud with the way these mechanical beasts were shooting pieces of the track behind their tires.

All of the drivers put on a good show. Even in the event of a mechanical failure they still greeted and waved at the crowd to keep the excitement levels up. Kids left with smiles on their faces after the mud settled and engines cooled, and another day at the mud track came to an end.


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