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Copper Harbor, a Small Town Full of Adventure


Copper Harbor– August 15, 2011 –  Traveling up US 41 towards Copper Harbor, MI there is nothing but, trees, creeks, a

A Cabin at Bella Vista in Copper Harbor, MI

few pasty shops, and more trees.  But, past all of the greenery is a small town with a lot of variety for exploring.  Lodging during the summer months in Copper Harbor in the surrounding towns is typically filled, with no vacancies unless there was a last minute cancellation.

Hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and trips to Isle Royale are a few of the most common reasons visitors come to Copper Harbor.  This weekend there is an ‘Art in the Park’ event at the community center in Copper Harbor.  The two day craft fair will feature crafts from local and regional artists.  There will be live entertainment and food.

Beginning of the Sunset from Brockway Mountain

Other attractions in this area are a handful of state parks with great fishing and boating as well as nice camping facilities.  Brockway Mountain is 726 feet above Lake Level.  It is a twisty road that has many turn offs to get scenic views of the city.  At the top is a small gift shop and a breathtaking view.  It is a great place to go for watching sunrises over Lake Superior.

Berry picking is in the middle of its season in the northern area of the upper peninsula.  I was able to pick thimble berries, blueberries, and bilberries just while walking to the lake shore.  A local ice cream shop serves Jilbert Dairy Ice Cream and makes their own toppings.  My favorite was the bilberry sundae.  They use the wild berries in the area to make a variety of different toppings for their ice cream shop.

Below is a group of photos from my trip to Copper Harbor, MI.



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