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Doc’s Soapbox & Question Of The Day


Michigan Governor Rick Snyder joined Great Lakes Radio WKQS-FM Morning Team of Mark & Walt in the Morning to discuss a wide variety of matters, from the state of affairs in the State of Michigan, to efforts to recall Governor Snyder from Office, to the repeal of the Michigan Motorcycle Helmet Law.

When asked about the current effort to repeal the Helmet Law, Governor Snyder gave this comment.

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Should the Helmet Law Repeal be introduced as part of an Insurance Reform Bill?

Shouldn’t the Helmet Law be a matter of personal choice?



  1. I think the law should leave people choose if they want to wear a helmet or even a seat belt for that matter!!!
    I have lost one friend in a car that hit a tree he was the only one in a seat belt the one in the back seat got a sprained ankle and the front seat passenger broke both legs and had a piece of metal in his stomach but he lived and was walking in no time .
    I have also had friends die in car crashes with out the belt , as well as see the same thing with helmets !!!
    So who can say what is best for you other then you????


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