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Eli Young Band Releases New Album TODAY

Eli Young Band

The Eli Young Band has released their new album, Life At Best TODAY Aug 16th, 2011!  That’s right the album is officially in stores and on iTunes. You can purchase either for a really affordable price!

The tour for this album has already started. The first was today in Texas and it seems as though they will be there for a while. Lucky Texans…Oh well! They will be in IN  and OH as soon as Sept 10-11th. If you have the time or the money you should go! And tell me all about it, since I have neither; and that’s too bad, cause I would really like to see Crazy Girl live. sigh……. wait, what, I’m sorry did you say something? Oh! Eli Young Band? Yeah they are great! Lets keep them….

Lizzy Ann


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