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Trace Adkins Supports Our Troops In Germany

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Trace Adkins Supports Our Troops

Trace Adkins just released his tenth Album Proud To Be Here not too long ago but he isn’t done yet! This man has been oversees five times to support our troops and he is going again!

That’s right, He’s going over to Ramstein Air Base in Germany this time to play a roll in commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by performing a special USO concert for troops and their families.

With all that is going on overseas I am personally very proud that this man is an American and wants to support our troops.

His newly released album is going to be among the songs performed; so its too bad we all can’t be there hey?

So get out there and support the man that is supporting our troops by buying his latest album so we can all be, “Proud To Be Here”!

Lizzy Ann


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