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Sands Speedway Races To Victory

Four Cylinder Race
Sands Speedway: Sandsspeedway.com

 Sands Speedway Four Cylinder Stock/Modified, Sportsmen, Late Model Racing

On Saturday, Aug 20th I was fourtunate enough to attend the races at Sands Speedway with a great friend of mine Eugene Menapace. It was the MOST FUN I have had this entire summer! Its not that my life is boring! On the contrary, I like to think my life is “exciting” and “wild”, “primed for adventure” and all that. yawn…..This event was just that fun! There was so much going on that it was exciting! Not only have the new owners really freshened up the place: new pits, new seats with backs, and nice bleachers with a fresh coat of paint on everything, they had a GREAT line up of local and far reaching drivers.

Sands Speedway Grand Opening Marquette Michigan
Fun for the whole family!

You wouldn’t believe all the people that attended. 300 plus, and this was with the State Fair going on in Escanaba! I saw people easily over 70 years old sitting with kids under 10 and whole families. Teens Lined up just to catch a look at the cars roaring by at 50+ mph! It Is  Incredible! An entire community coming together to cheer on their brothers, husbands, cousins even a couple girls thrown in now and again! And the drivers’ ages would surprise you!

As a matter of fact, the winner on Saturday of the Four Cylinder Feature was a 16 year old Olson boy #17. THIS KID CAN DRIVE!!

Sands Speedway Grand Opening
Showing the youngins how its done!


Driver # 93 is in his 70’s with over 50 years racing experience. If nothing else you should come down to see him whip the youngins into to shape on that track!!!

There was so much excitement too! Cars almost losing control, some cars really losing control! One guy actually flew off the track, bounced and jumped into a jumble of roots and trees down a hill!!!!! But hey no worries, he was strapped in tight and only suffered a broken wrist! Good thing they had a paramedic on hand!

These drivers LOVE racing those cars around that 1/4 to 1/2 mile track and they sure do let you know it.

Next weekend, August 27th is the last race of the season! The Sportsman’s Invitational will have racers coming in from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! I am definitely going to be there; and I’m bringing my family with! I can’t wait to see my brother’s face when he watches these guys fly around that track! I hope I will see you there. Bring your spouse, kids, cousins, heck bring your grandmother, and join me out at Sands Speedway August 27th 2011 for the first ever Sportsman’s Invitational under the new owners! It’s going to be amazing!

If you would like more information on times, dates, ticket prices etc, go to http://www.marquetteracing1.com/ for all the details!

Lizzy Ann (aka: Speed Frizz)

Photo’s curtsey of Ross Olson,http://www.marquetteracing1.com/


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