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Charlie Daniels Band featured on American Country Gold with Elmer Aho

UP State Fair Features Charlie Daniels Band
Where's the golden fiddle?

08/22/2011Elmer Aho enjoyed the Charlie Daniels Band performance at the UP State Fair in Escanaba last Friday (August 19th), so Elmer decided to play the single “Simple Man” off of their newest CD “Land That I Love” on his classic country radio show “American Country Gold” the next night between requests.

While the electric, modern sound of the song certainly clashed with the typical lineup of songs acquainted with the classic country show, the patriotic theme reminded one of the intentions of classic country artists like Lee Greenwood. While the lyrics to “Simple Man” are much more aggressive than “God Bless the U.S.A.”, the song invokes a sense of what it means to be an American much like Greenwood’s classic.

I’m sure the sound of a modern electric guitar threw some of the faithful Elmer followers off kilter, however nobody called in wondering if Elmer had played the wrong song. The song may never be requested by the listeners, who tend to favor Johnny Cash, Eddy Arnold and other classic country artists much more than some of the modern songs Elmer throws on the air, but Elmer may have convinced a few folk to give the whole CD a listen when it’s not a Saturday night at camp and time for American Country Gold.




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