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George Strait Releases 39th Album

Here For A Good Time
George Strait Still Loving The Fans


George Strait the King Of Country Music is releasing his 39th album, “Here For A Good Time.” Talk about a man that ages like wine, he is still incredibly good looking for a man born in 1952! Sixties? Nawww more like mid forties! And he is still one of the best country artist in existence! This new album is just as incredible.

That’s right, George  co-wrote seven of the album’s 11 tracks with his son Bubba and songwriter Dean Dillon.  It sure is nice to see that after this many years George Strait is Still going strong!

Here For A Good Time
George Releases His 39th Album

And this man has a record NO ONE  can scoff at!

George Strait holds the world record for more #1 hit singles than any other artist in the history of music on any chart  in any genre. As of 2010 he has successfully recorded 57 #1 hit singles on the Billboard Country Singles chart, and that is just number one singles! Do you realize in just about 30 years he has successfully release single after single always at the top?!

Can you Believe That!! But I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, he does hold a spot in the Country Music Hall Of Fame, and well lets face it, he IS George Strait after all!

Lizzy Ann


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