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Governor Snyder Presents U.P. Children’s Museum with an Award


Marquette, MI– August 19, 2011 – The “Reinventing Michigan” Award was presented to the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum by Gov. Rick Snyder on August 19th, 2011.  This award honored the museums innovative and interactive learning environment.

Governor Rick Snyder in the Upper Peninsula

Programs at the U.P. Children’s Museum support young entrepreneurs and provides them with the opportunity to sell their products in the museums gift shop.  The media group, 8-18 media allows young journalist to practice recording weekly sporting events and write stories.  Learning programs at this museum spark ideas in children at a young age.  It gives them the hope and experience to realize they can accomplish any of their goals.

There has only been two other “Reinventing Michigan” Awards given by the Governor.  The first award was presented to Energetx Composites LLC in Holland, MI for their innovative application of composite materials in the clean energy industry.  Southwest Solutions in Detroit, MI was awarded the second award for their commitment to providing health care access in southwest Detroit through partnerships.



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