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New Drug Resistant STDs Reach USA



Neisseria gonorrhoeaeCases of resistant strains of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are popping up all over the world. As Early as July, a new strain of Gonorrhea was discovered in Japan and Sweden which has built a resistance to the ONLY drug able to treat it at this time. The new super bug Neisseria Gonorrhoeae ( H041 ), unlike other gonorrhea varients, is now able to over power cephalosporin-class antibiotics. Due to the rapidly developing and mutation of this particular STD reserchers have not been able to find another treatment. According to the Los Angeles Times, researchers identified four new genetic mutations that made this bacteria resistant to any antibiotics.  If left untreated it can make men and women infertile and can definitely increase the possibility of transmitting other forms of STDs, like HIV. Because of these specific mutations this bacteria has developed the ablility to resist all forms of drugs by 500-fold.

Unfortunately, this specific strain has traveled around the world to test our capabilities. Several cases of H041 gonorrhea have been found in the USA. Hawii and Calafornia have both reported the disease.

So what do we do now? Keep it in your pants until they can figure out another untested drug to use against it!

Welcome back Northern Students.

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