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Munising Water Boil Advisory Lifted


Munising, MI – August 29, 2011 – The Munising water supply mains and reservoirs have been tested and represent minimum safe standards for drinking water. They have been chlorinated and flushed. The water boil advisory was lifted Monday at 9 a.m. by city officials.

Last week, two positive tests of coliform bacteria was found in the water supply by wastewater treatment plant technicians. After two positive tests of coliform are found in one month a boil advisory must be issued.

A chlorine disinfectant was put into the water. Two samples came back negative for coliform bacteria early this week. This is an indication that the water now meets minimum drinking water standards.

Chlorination of the entire Munising water supply will take place for the next two weeks. Residents may notice a smell or taste in the drinking water; it is still okay to drink.


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