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Marquette Kennel Club Hosted 77 Breeds of Dogs at their Show this Weekend


Marquette, MI – August 3, 2011 – The Marquette Kennel Club Dog Shows, obedience and rally trials were held in Lakeview Arena in Marquette over Labor Day weekend.  Handlers and dogs from all over the country made an appearance while 77 different breeds of dogs compete for “Best in Show”.

There were four rings set up for competition, a handful of local vendors, and a crammed grooming area full of pet hair supplies, blow dryers, straightener, and many dog groomers.  Primping for this weekends show started as early as the week before.

This was an exciting event for those familiar with its kind, and quite an experience for those watching for the first time. Many handlers competed for the first time this weekend alongside quite a few dog show veterans.

The arena smelled like a dog show and definitely looked and sounded like one too.  It was filled with the sound of dogs whining, crying, barking, yelping, and chattering all weekend.  Before each dog performed their handler practiced posture, obedience and fixed their appearance one last time before going in front of the judges.  This event was just as nerve-racking for the dogs and handlers alike.  Handlers had to make sure everything they had practiced with their dogs leading up to the show could be presented during judging.

Pictures from the event can be found below.  If you have any other information or photos you would like to share about this event, please e-mail me at jordan@mre.fm.



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