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Mackinac Bridge – The Age Old Question


The Grated Lane of Discomfort Awaits
Mackinaw City, MI09/06/2011 – Pavement or grating? Smooth driving or jerky, noisy driving? To pass or not to pass?

My trip to the lower peninsula left me facing my biggest foe: the grated lane of the Mackinac Bridge. You know what I’m talking about. You’re about to cross one of the largest bridges in the world and you have to debate whether to drive close to the railing or on the grated passing lane.

Every time I am forced to drive on the grated portion, either due to construction or a horrifically slow semi-truck, I feel as though my car is being tugged in every which way except the direction I want to go. Maybe I’m just being a whiny nancy-boy, but I really don’t like that side of the bridge.

Am I the only one who has noticed the difficulty of driving on that grated passing lane?


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