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Bear Hunting 101 Workshops


Upper Peninsula, MI – Bear Hunting 101 is a work-shop offering practical bear hunting methods, suggestions on positioning a tree stand, baiting, rules and regulations, and tips from seasoned bear hunters. This class is sponsored by the Department of Natural Resources. Anyone interested in hosting this class is encouraged to do so. Equipment for this class will be provided. Amateur bear hunters and veteran hunters are welcome to attend. Children under the age of 12 year should be accompanied by an adult.

The Upper Peninsula is a natural place for people that enjoy the outdoors. Potential trainers are welcome to host these sessions anywhere around the state of Michigan. There are not any Bear Hunting 101 sessions in the U.P. However, many sessions are taking place across lower Michigan.

If you would like more information about hosting a session or finding one close to you, contact Mary Dettloff at 517-335-3014 or visit here.

The Department of Natural Resources is hosting many other Recreation 101 programs. Opportunities to host training sessions for trapping, coyote hunting, and photography are also available. You may also contact Mary Dettloff for more information or visit here.




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