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Laura Bell Bundy, with Two Sides to Every Story


September 14, 2011 – Laura Bell Bundy experienced a lot of success after her first album, that was really like two albums in one.

Laura Bell Bundy, Courtesy of her official webpage

Her first album “Achin’ and Shakin'” debuted April 13, 2010.  This album displayed that with Laura Bell Bundy their are two sides to every story… especially with her personality. She says she has a crazy, wild, and outspoken personality and also a deeper more personal side that opens up when she is alone or with one other person.  Both sides of her personality were captured through her vision for this album.

Achin’ and shakin’ is exactly what her first album is about.  One half of the album is a collection of slow and sultry songs and the other half is a group of sassy and humorous tunes.  The achin’ part of her album sounds more like traditional country music whereas the shakin’ side is a more modern day mixture.  Essentially this album is a two in one deal.

You can find her on tour November 12th and 13th playing at The Carson Center in Paducha, KY.

If you have never been to her webpage, you must look at it.  It really does display her personality in a fun and sassy light, just like her first album.

You can hear Laura Bell Bundy and many of your other favorite artists on The Country Extreme. Tune in from midnight to 3am Monday through Friday to hang out with me.  Feel free is e-mail suggestions or requests to jordan@wxfd.com.



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