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Smoke from A Minnesota Wildfire Coming into Michigan


Marquette, MI – If you have noticed a smokey odor or smokey haze in parts of Northern Michigan it is not coming from a forest fire nearby.  The fire is actually over a few hundred miles away in Northern Minnesota.

The National Weather Service has looked into wind patterns and determined that a northwesterly wind blew into the area Monday night and brought smoke from the fire with it.  The fire has been burning nearly a month now in the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area of Minnesota.  August 18th a lightening strike ignited and has grown to more than 60,000 acres.

I stepped outside out studies today and noticed the sun was shining, but there was still a cloudy and smokey haze.  Before are three pictures I took that I thought captured the effects of this wildfire in Minnesota very well.  I did notice a smokey odor in the air as well.



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