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Sugarland Fans are “Sugarfanatics” trying to get this Duo to Perform at the Superbowl


September 20, 2011 – Sugarland fans already have their eye on the prize this NFL football season. Only two weeks into the season and a Facebook page called, ‘We Want Sugarland for Super Bowl 2012’has already popped up.

Sugarland Concert LIVE at DTE in Clarkston, MI

These ‘Sugarfanatics’ are petitioning that the dynamic duo performs during this years Super Bowl halftime.  There are already over 950 ‘likes’ for this page! Even the official webpage for Sugarland ‘liked’ this page.

The Facebook page slogan for this event is, ‘Operation Sugar-Coat Indy! How clever.

I do agree with the creator of this page.  They wrote that Sugarland’s live performance is like none other.  Their songs are infectious and the talent is breath-taking.  From experience, their concerts really are full of unmatchable energy.

You can hear Sugarland and all of America’s Music, on 103.3 The Country Extreme.

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