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Scotty McCreery’s Album ‘Clear as Day’

Album Cover Courtesy of Interscope Records

September 22, 2011 – The past American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery, has had great success since the minute he won a few months ago.  His first top 20 hit was released just shortly after his success began.  ‘I Love You This Big’ is already a top 20 hit.  His current single, The Trouble With Girls’, is already a great hit.  It will appear on his fist album, Clear as Day, scheduled to debut October 4th.  You can pre-order this album by clicking here!

This highly anticipated album included 12 tracks that all represent a lot of meaning to Scotty McCreey.  The song titles for his first album are:

1. ‘Out Of Summertime’

2. ‘I Love You This Big’

3. Clear as Day’

4. ‘The Trouble With Girls’

5. Water Tower Town’

6. ‘Walk In The Country’

7. ‘Better Than That’

8. ‘ Write My Number On Your Hand’

9. ‘Dirty Dishes’

10. ‘You Make That Look Good’

11. ‘Back On The Ground’

12. ‘That Old King James’

Be sure to check back here on October 4th for more details about his debut album!

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