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Dead River Games, a Highly Entertaining NMU Homecoming Event


Marquette, MI – Sept. 25, 2011 -The Dead River Games are a homecoming tradition at Northern Michigan University.  They took place Sunday to kick off homecoming week at NMU. All games took place on the shore of beautiful Lake Superior near Presque Isle Park in Marquette.

NMU Students with ice cream all over their faces after the ice cream scoop competition.

The Dead River Games consist of four highly entertaining events: the ice cream scoop competition, the obstacle course, the egg toss, and the sand sculpture competition.

Student organizations and many houses from the dorms and on-campus apartments make up the teams for this event.  It’s wet, sticky, and sandy event. But, it is always a ton of fun!

The ice cream scoop requires one member of the six person team to stand on a ladder and scoop heaping piles ice cream and strategically dump it into the persons mouth who is laying below the ladder.  The first team to successfully have all six members catch the ice cream in their mouth wins the competition.  Being a participant in this event, I must tell you it is quite scary watching a big hunk of ice cream fly towards your face.  It was cold and sticky… but highly entertaining.

The obstacle course was a fast paced relay with six team members participating.  It started with a three-legged sack race, then tagging a member to slide across a tarp covered in syrup.  The next team member had to complete five summersaults and tag the next team member to dig for three poker chips in a pool of sand.  The last member galloped back to the finish line while riding a toy house.  Quite the entertaining event with a lot of encouragement from the crowd.

The egg toss was a just for fun event that ended with everyone smashing their egg over their opponents head! Such a fun event!

Dead River Games Sand Castle Competition

The sand castle competition allowed all members of the team to participate.  But, there was only 15-minutes allowed during building.  Some groups brought shovels and buckets.  Others went as extreme and spray painting the sand!

The Dead River Games are a long lasting favorite homecoming tradition.




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