Home Lounge Staff The Lions are 3-0. I guess the Packers are also undefeated.

The Lions are 3-0. I guess the Packers are also undefeated.


Green Bay Packers Detroit Lions
The Pigskin is a U.S. thing.
Last year, I moved to Northern Michigan from the downstate region. Given little warning to the Packer invasion that occurred in the U.P. before the advent of cable television, I was not prepared to battle my fellow Michiganders with pro football fandom. But I have no choice.

With 1 minute left in the 4th quarter on Sunday, the Lions had tied the Minnesota Vikings 23-23 after being down 20-0 at halftime. I was nervously watching the game unfold at a restaurant in Escanaba, as the Lions were on track to complete their biggest comeback ever and a 3-0 start that they haven’t experienced since 1980. As the Lions were forced to punt with very little time left, the TV cut from the Detroit special teams unit to Aaron Rodgers’ face. Utter confusion and annoyance immediately ran through my veins.

I figured out pretty quickly what happened and why. Apparently the first two minutes of a Packers domination of the Chicago Bears was more important than the last two minutes of a historical Detroit game. My confusion switched to anger when I reminded myself I’m in Michigan. Cable television exists, but both FOX channels had switched feeds to the Green Bay game.

I’ve tried to understand this whole Packer thing in the U.P. because people grew up watching them on antenna television. Then why are there so many Detroit Tigers fans? Did the Tigers somehow gain favoritism over the Brewers while the Lions lost to the Packers in the battleground for broadcast television?

I’m so confused and angry and sad. I missed out on an epic Lions comeback so I could watch a divisional rival’s opening drive.

I cannot wait for Honolulu Blue to invade Green Bay and thoroughly whip them on the scoreboard. Every football fan in the U.P. can and will watch the entirety of that game, and even though Charles Woodson is from my alma mater, Calvin Johnson is going to tear up the Packers secondary. Book it.


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