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Released Today: LeAnn Rimes – ‘Lady and Gentlemen’


Sept. 27, 2011 – LeAnn Rimes always does the unexpected.  This new concept album follows her common thread.  Released today is a smashing yet unexpected album for Rimes.  ‘Lady and Gentlemen’follows her own personal compass and musical integrity.

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Two original tracks from her new album include ‘Crazy Women’.  A sassy yet clever song.  ‘Give’ is a song that makes you think; also an original tune.

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Song Titles for this album include:


Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

The Only Mama That’ll Walk The Line

I Can’t Be Myself

16 Tons

Help Me Make It Through The Night

Rose Colored Glasses

A Good Hearted Woman

When I Call Your Name

He Stopped Loveing Her Today


The Bottle Let Me Down

Crazy Women





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