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Upper Peninsula Wind Storm Ruffles Lake Superior Shorelines


Marquette Upper Peninsula windstorm Lake Superior
Cars at Picnic Rocks shined brights on an angry Lake Superior during the windstorm that caused several power outages.
Marquette, MI09/30/2011 – When northerly winds hit 60mph, yoopers know Lake Superior is going to put on a show.

Northern Michigan residents lined the shoreline at Picnic Rocks in Marquette with car brights pointed out to sea. Limited visibility couldn’t disguise the white caps of enormous, slow-moving waves from reflective car lights. Water sprayed off the beach in front of the parking lot and onlookers could vaguely see the crashes of waves at the Picnic Rock islands.

Howling winds and driving rains made it impossible to take a photo of the waves. But next time a northerly wind reaches high speeds, a trip to the shorelines of Lake Superior will provide entertainment, especially to those without power.

*UPDATE* I was finally able to snap a few pictures the next day, you can view them HERE

For more specific information on the wind storm, head over to MarkandWalt.com.


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