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Wind Storm Photos from Lake Superior Shoreline


Marquette Wind Storm Break Wall Upper Harbor Lake Superior
Waves pounded Upper Harbor in Marquette
Marquette, MI09/30/2011 – As I mentioned in a previous post, strong northerly winds make for magnificent sites on Lake Superior.

Daybreak came and the wind storm that tore through the U.P. overnight was still producing fairly strong winds. I trekked down to Presque Isle to snap photos of the violent seas of Lake Superior. Nothing much new to report, but here are a few photos I was able to snap on my journey.

Marquette Michigan Presque Isle Lighthouse Waves Photo
Strong currents were prevalent.


  1. I love this photo of the Presque Isle lighthouse and would love to give a print of it to my sister to hang in her home. She and her husband were engaged at this lighthouse in 2008. I was wondering if you would grant me permission to print it and if there was a way I could get the original file so it would be high resolution enough to print.




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