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“No pay, no spray” ban clears first hurdle in Wisconsin, could Michigan be next?


Madison, WI – October 4, 2011 – The “No pay, no spray” an clears first hurdle in Wisconsin, ensuring police and fire services passes Assembly committee.  This particular policy requires homeowners to pre-pay a separate fee for police and fire protection or risk losing the service.

Assembly Bill 192 passed the Assembly Committee on Urban and Local Affairs with a lot of support on September 27th. The ban authorized on “no pay, no spray” policies would protect Wisconsin homeowners from what happened in Tennessee happen to them.

An unfortunate incident in Tenneessee happened where firefighters were forced to watch a home burn because the owner did not pay a $75 fire fee.  It was reported that the man offered to pay the fire department on the spot, but he was turned away my the local government unit.  Firefighters who responded and let the mans home burn while they remained on the premises to ensure the fire didn’t spread to nearby homes that had paid the fire fee.

This bill will ensure no person in Wisconsin will ever be without a home because of a failure to pay this fee.

This situation in Wisconsin makes me wonder if this could happen in Michigan?  What would our state decide to do in this sort of situation?

A complete article on this event that took place in Tennessee over a year ago can be found courtesy of msnbc.com by clicking here.


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