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Occupy Wall Street Movement Sparks World Wide Protests, Including the U.P.


Upper Peninsula Occupy Movement Inspired by Occupy Wall Street
"We Are the 99%" is a catchy and effective rally cry.
Occupy Wall Street began a few weeks ago as people gathered in Zuccotti Park in New York to begin protests against the ultra-rich corporations of America. “We Are the 99%” is their main rally call, signifying the distinct separation between the upper 1% of income in the U.S. versus the 99%.

Occupy L.A., Occupy Chicago, Occupy Canada, Occupy Australia and the local Occupy The U.P. movements have been initiated along with large quantities of other Occupy movements across the U.S. and world (a simple “Occupy” search in Facebook will clue you into the mass number of movements that have begun).

For more information, go here. The protesters have organized a running list of demands they are proposing to government officials. Rising unemployment accompanied by billion dollar bailouts of banks and corporations could be considered the main catalyst of this movement.

The protesters do not wish to be designated as a specific political party, religion or race. They consider themselves a voice for the 99% of the population and they would be thrilled if the entire 99% joined in protesting the rampant corruption between mega-corporations and government officials.

Donations are encouraged, but not necessarily monetary donations. Most requests include tarps, blankets, clothing and food to keep the protests going. To join the movement in your area, contact Occupy The U.P. or visit OccupyTogether.org for events specific to regional/international areas.

Feel free to leave your comments regarding the Occupy movements below.

Some movies from the protests, including a renegade cop macing peaceful protesters and the documentation of hundreds of arrests in New York:


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