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Northern Vegans Presentation: “Why Vegan?”


Marquette, MI– The Northern Vegans held a presentation Wednesday on the many reasons why people are choosing to go vegan.  Focusing on health reasons, animal-wellness, and environment concern as their main discussion topics.  Residents of the U.P. held this presentation and shared personal stories about their journey towards becoming a vegan.

Community Members trying to Vegan Food Provided for Sampling

Natasha Lantz, a member of the Northern Vegans, presented on the harm done to animals when they are used to make food.  An interview with her discussing “why vegan?” and where you can go to find more information about switching to a plant-based diet can be found by clicking here: Northern Vegans Interview- Natasha Lantz.

The room was filled with many community members, all at a different phase towards adopting the vegan life-style.  A few people were there just to gather more information to help their selves stay healthy while eating a plant-based diet.

More information can be found on their website.

Below you can also find photographs from this event:


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