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Occupy Wall Street Protest Spreads to the Upper Peninsula


Marquette, MI – The protest started on Wall Street over a month ago, and is moving across the nation and into the U.P.  Local supporters of the movement organized a march in just a few days, but word spread quickly around the U.P.

Beginning at Harlow Park in Marquette around 8 a.m. Saturday over 100 protesters gathered.  Three speakers talked positively about the movement, shared legalities of the march and motivated the group before the protest began.

They chanted slogans such as, “they got bailed out, we got sold out” and “this is what Democracy looks like.”  Protesters were also carrying signs and using noise makers to show their support for the 99%.  As motorist drove by the marching protest they honked with encouragement for those participating.

The planned route started at Harlow Park down Washington Street, past the Marquette Farmers Market, The Marquette County Court House and finally to the intersection of Front and Washington Street to Occupy those four corners near Wells Fargo Bank.  Protesters stayed their for a good amount of time, chanting and shouting out their support for this movement.

Organizers of the Occupy the U.P. movement identified the county court house and large bank chains as a focus of their march and local protest.

For more information on this movement, click here.


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