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Garth Brooks – Sold Out In Under A Minute?!?

Garth Brooks Stampede Concerts Sells Out in 58 Seconds

I have always thought the idea of seeing Garth Brooks live in concert would be an amazing thing. I’ve been a fan of his for years. I’ve watched so many of his concerts on TV and remember the scene of him busting his guitar on stage at the end of “You May Be Right.”

The announcement was made a couple weeks ago that Garth would perform at the Calgary Stampede  on July 12th. Tickets went on sale on Saturday morning and in a swift 58 seconds all 15,322 tickets were gone! 58 seconds… it takes longer to get a cup of coffee at Starbucks. 58 seconds and you are just at the start of your favorite song. 58 seconds…just enough time to walk into the room and find your child doing something he/she shouldn’t be doing. 58 seconds and POOF! GONE! SOLD OUT!

The question by most angry fans is, “How did these tickets that were first-come, first-serve get snagged up by multi-million dollar resellers?” StubHub.com is showing 529 tickets available starting at $325 to upwards of $617! Fantickets.com has tickets posted from $425  to $550. PremiumConcertTickets.Com is posting tickets ranging in price from $435 to an astounding $1,210!! You must be crazy!

Now, if I was a fan in Calgary or the surrounding area and was planning on attempting to go to the concert, I would be down-right angry. Guess it all comes down to the money hungry corrupt companies and in my opinion, the festival and concert promoters who were only concerned for the quick buck. Is there a way to stop these companies from snagging up tickets from people and charging the ridiculous prices they’re seeking? Shame on you StubHub, Fantickets, PremiumConcertTickets, and the promoters who let this type of thing happen. I’m truly shaking my head.


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