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Of Course I Bought It!

Carrie Underwood - Blown Away is now on my iPhone

Carrie Underwood’s newest album was released yesterday. Now, I usually jump right on and make the purchase right away, but I had to wait until I was somewhere with wi-fi. Today was my day. I purchased it and have listened to about 5 of the 14 songs.

Now, the reviews I’ve read have been wavering. Some enjoy it, some wanted more of the ‘darkness’ that Carrie promoted. The first 3 songs are feisty – “Good Girl,” “Blown Away,” and “Two Black Cadillacs.” Of course we’re familiar with her debut single, “Good Girl.” “Blown Away” is a bit on the revenge side of things with the idea of an abusive, drunken father being locked out of a storm cellar as an Oklahoma tornado is showing it’s force. “Two Black Cadillacs” feels like an answer to her previous hit “Before He Cheats,”  these two women are about to cause a little damage to the man who caused them both so much misery.

I’ll let you know how the rest of it goes. But… so far, so good! Now… to catch her in concert this fall would be icing on the cake!



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