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McDonald’s and the Summer Olympics

A match made in heaven?

McDonald’s and the 2012 Summer Olympics…two concepts that do not belong in the same sentence, let alone, the same breath together. But, the Olympic Park in London will be the home of the World’s Largest McDonald’s. This McDonald’s is going to be half the size of a football stadium, employ roughly 2,000 people, and will seat 1,500. It was described as “two story and cathedral-like.”

McDonald’s has been scrutinized for years about their high fat, high calorie menu items. Personally, I don’t see the correlation between a greasy, fast food multi-million dollar organization and an event that showcases the athletic skill, determination, and dedication of so many young athletes. But, of course, it’s just another demonstration of the almighty dollar. For shame…

A mock up of the World's Largest McDonald's to be built in Olympic Park in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics


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