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St. Jude’s Radiothon – Why We Do What We Do


If you’ve been spending time reading my blog posts, you’ve come to notice that I enjoy fun, upbeat stories with a touch of my own sarcasm. This is not one of those posts. This is serious, and as I sit here typing this out, I can already feel the lump in my throat and the tears welling up in my eyes.

A Smiling St. Jude Child

This Friday, May 11th, we will host the WFXD Extreme Country SIR Credit Union St. Jude Children’s Hospital 2012 Radio-thon beginning at 6am until 6pm.

You may be wondering why I have tears in my eyes. As the mother of a healthy, amazing, riotous almost 3 year old, it breaks my heart to imagine a child suffering through an illness.  One that may potentially not have a known cure, but on the bright side of things, an illness that may have a cure rooted from the research at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. If you are not familiar with all that St. Jude’s does, I invite you to buzz through this list of facts. Just click HERE!

Last year, YOU, our listeners, helped us raise well over $4,000. That means YOU helped provide 106 platelet counts, 89 chest x-rays, 78 spinal taps, 14 days of oxygen, 12 days of chemotherapy for a leukemia patient, and 9 days of out-patient treatment. Wow!

This year, join us again, for 67¢ a day, $20 a month, you can become a Partner In Hope. Because of your generosity, no family ever pays for the life-saving, ground breaking treatment, their child is receiving. Because of your generosity, You can make a difference in the cancer therapies and research happening that will help save a child’s life.

Please, join us on Friday, May 11th. Or, you can donate by clicking and visiting the St. Jude Website.


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