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5 Tips for Beating Your Allergies


May Flowers Bring…Allergies

Ya know, I was lucky enough to grow up without allergies but for some reason I acquired them last year. I am not happy about it!! You poor people who have dealt with this all your lives!

Uh! Allergies

So, I have had to learn what to do for my symptoms. First off, I have become allergic to cats and horses, both of which I have. After riding last night I sneezed 13 times! Awesome.

Here are some pointers that Claritin suggests:

1. Know what your allergic to

2. Go outside later in the day after the pollen has slowed down

3. Check the forecast and avoid going outdoors when counts are high

4. Change your clothes and shower after being outdoors

5. Cover air conditioning vents with cheese cloth to filter out the pollens

I definitely have to change and shower after riding my horse in order to quit sneezing. And I have to wash my hands directly after petting cats. The air conditioning vent-coverup is a good idea, but I’m not going quit going outside in the mornings.

I say find a medication that works for you and if you have a bad allergy day take some and go on with your day. They are annoying, but don’t let them ruin what you love to do. Beat them!!

Claritin.com has more great pointers and even a forecaster for when counts will be up. They also have coupons! Check it out, it helped me.


Woman With A Cold Or Allergy by Vera Kratochvil


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