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It Rained Cats and Dogs


Severe Thunderstorm Warning Went Quick For Trenary

Around 7 p.m. last night I was sitting outside at my parents, on the deck with family, chit chatting. It was 85 degrees, but the clouds were rolling in and it was SO windy! We started to hear thunder and we saw lightening, the severe storm warnings along the bottom of the TV had already warned us.

It was even more yellow that it looks here

An extremely black cloud passed over and then the sky lightened up again. All of a sudden gust of wind over took us and I immediately started shivering. It was 60 degrees. In about a minute and a half the temperature fell 20 to 25 degrees. It was crazy!

Then it started to rain so we hurried to close everything up. Just in time for it to downpour, then the hail started. It was pea sized hail, so not to bad. And it lasted for about 10 minute, flooding our driveway.

It came and went fast, even though we could have used two hours of rain, and it left us with a yellow glow. Everything outside was yellow. Kinda creepy and kinda cool.

It just goes to show that no matter what kind of weather we are having in the U.P. it can change in minutes. So stay prepared.

You gotta love the U.P.!!


Severe thunderstoms
The first line of clouds



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