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The DNR is Urging People to Be Safe in Dry Conditions This Holiday Weekend


Wildfires Across The U.P.

Responding to 275 fires already this year, the Department of Natural Resources is warning of the dry weather conditions for the Memorial Day weekend.

wildfires in seney and delta county
Use fire prevention!

With warm temperatures, little rainfall, and low relative humidity the fire conditions are very high. Plus, the DNR is worried about the fireworks law revised in Michigan that now allows bottle rockets and aerial fireworks, saying it could significantly increase wildfires.

A fire in Delta County near Round Lake, started Tuesday and consumed 60 acres. Delta and Alger country firefighters say the fire is under control, but they are still looking for hot spots with a DNR plane.

The wildfire in Seney is still burning and getting closer to the highway. With the DNR and fire crews working on containing the fire, the Michigan Department of Transportation has closed M28 between Shingleton and Seney. The crews plan to back burn the fire from the highway, taking away additional fuel, in an additional attempt to control the fire. Detours include M-94, US-2 and M-77

The fire, which was ignited by lightening, was reported on Monday. Since then it has burned 1,500 acres of the Wildlife Refuge.

Crews including three amphibious track crews, three engine crews and a Midewin hotshot crew are working hard to establish containment barriers.



  • Keep campfires small and stay with your fire at all times. It’s not enough to wait for a campfire’s flame to die down and assume it’s okay to leave or go to bed
  • Have water on hand to douse all sparks and embers that may jump from the flames. Use plenty of it to wet the undersides of logs and stir in with the ashes
  • Be sure barbecues are completely extinguished. Soak unburned pieces of charcoal in a bucket of water before disposing of them

Paul Kollmeyer, DNR fire prevention specialist says, “It’s also really important to remember that if you don’t take adequate precautions and a fire escapes to become a wildfire, you can be billed for the suppression costs and the expenses of any damages resulting from the fire. Please, do your part to prevent wildfires and make sure everyone has a great holiday weekend.”

FOR MORE FIRE TIPS CHECK OUT www.michigan.gov/preventwildfires.

I hope you have a fun holiday weekend, but please be safe and cautious!!






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