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A Brand New American Idol


Phillip Phillips the Season 11 Winner

We’ll I’m a little late, BUT we have a new Idol winner!!And he has the same first and last name.Phillip Phillips has won the season 11 of the hit show on Fox.

Season 11 2012
Another American Idol season for the history books

I think that it could have gone either way. They were both great performers, but very different! Phillip could put his twist on any genera of song that he chose and Jessica could sing the “notes” out of any song she chose.

Jessica is so young though that she will go far and she has lots of time to do it. Phillip is young too, but maybe it was just more his time for his big break. Hopefully he goes far, we’ll see.

Either way I am happy for both of them and happy knowing that Skylar was so good that she will have no problem getting a record deal as well…I still think she should have won! Haha

Who was your favorite idol?


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