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Great Lakes Rodeo Coming to Marquette


‘Tis The Season

With warm weather comes…RODEO AND SHOW SEASON! I’m talking about horse shows…speed events, pleasure classes, and team penning competitions.

Bull riding
Rodeo Season!

The Carny Great Lakes Rodeo was this past weekend and my little cousin was the second runner up in the Rodeo Queen competition. Congratulations!!  Now, the rodeo is coming to the Marquette Fairgrounds on Father’s Day weekend.

There will be a team penning competition, a rodeo queen competition and also the classic events like bull riding, bronc riding, roping, steer wresting, and barrel racing.

Me, my mom and my sister hope to be riding in the barrel racing competition. My mom has done rodeo’s before but my sister and I never have so it should be a blast! We also hope to get  into the U.P.H.A. racing circuit which hold races just about every weekend until August at the Escanaba and Marquette fairgrounds. We also plan to start learning how to team pen with our horses. Team penning is picking four numbered cows out of a herd and getting them into a pen while riding horses : )

It should be fun! And it is going to be a great summer with all the shows coming up!

Let me know if you ride and maybe I’ll see you in the arena!

Check out Great Lakes Rodeo online for more information.


Photo:  Some Bull by Fran Hogan


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