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Shania Twain Still Adding Shows to Upcoming Concert


Shania is Coming Back to The Music Scene

First off you have to know that Shaina is my favorite country music artist, pretty much my whole families and my boyfriends, so I am PUMPED!

After her ugly divorce to Mutt Lang, Shania had a series “Why Not?” I loved it, and now she is going to be performing at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I am so excited, even if I don’t get the chance to go, I’m just happy that she’s going to be singing again!

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Shania Twain

Due to fan demand, she has added 14 more performances to the “Still The One” concert series which is set to start December 1st.

Shania is the creator, headliner, and executive producer for the concert and she has teamed up with producer and dancer Raj Kapoor to make the series a theatrical experience that you will not forget!

The 46 year old says, “This is a dream for any recording artist. This is more than an opportunity, it’s an exceptional gift.”

Shania has committed to 60 shows a year for two years. For a list of the recently added show dates check out The Boot.

Congrats Shania!



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